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PAINFREE FASTER with the Cutting-Edge Acutron Mentor Device

According to Western science, pain is associated with complex inter-relationships between the nervous system, spinal cord, thalamus, higher brain, neuro-peptide substances and emotions derived from cultural and past personal programming. Traditional Asian medical systems relate pain more to short-term or longstanding blockages in the flow and integrity of Blood, vital energy (Qi) and Spiritual substances within the circulatory networks of the body. In either case, pain can be viewed as a kind of alarm, an urgent message from the body-mind-spirit entity that something is out of balance in the system, and must be corrected to maintain health and homeostasis, or even life itself. In this way pain is useful, in fact a lifesaver at times, when it alerts us to take urgent action for survival and self-care. Yet in a lot of cases, pain becomes a self-perpetuating experience that remains long after the actual damage to the body is resolved. In some cases, such as with fibromyalgia or some neuropathies, severe pain can arise when there is no apparent injury to the body. It is these chronic pain cases that most challenge the Western pain paradigm.

One of the great contributions Oriental Medicine has made is the understanding of the Root and Branch of pain (and other disorders). In its simplest form, the Root refers to underlying causative factors that pre-dispose a patient to pain. These may involve longstanding emotional upsets and repression, viral or parasitic effects, organ imbalances, unresolved old injuries, or hereditary or Karmic past influences. The Branch of pain refers to the actual sensations of pain, restricted range of motion, joint degeneration or vertebral mis-alignments. The sensation of pain can be associated with any dysfunctional bodily system, not just the nervous system.

We may say that there are two primary levels at which the body’s systems may become blocked or shut down, leading to pain. One is the physiologic level, the other is the informational level. Physiologic level is that of the functioning of tissues, organs and bio-chemistry, and is largely orchestrated by electrical feedback systems. The informational level is that of subtle energy regulatory and communication systems, and is primarily based on light transmissions. Research has shown that all living things communicate with each other, and the environment, through electro-magnetic field resonance and light radiations.

Western pain treatments focus almost exclusively on physiologic treatment. Analgesic drugs stimulate bio-chemical reactions that reduce inflammation, block nerve impulses and switch on pain-controlling centers in the brain and spinal cord. Physiologic non-drug approaches include physical therapies, spinal manipulation and electro-therapies. Most acupuncture pain treatment also primarily works on this level, albeit with a much more balanced and refined approach. Acupuncture can also work on an informational level through the energetic rapport between practitioner and patient, when the practitioner communicates his/her clear Qi through the needles or direct bio-field interface. Much of the healing interaction between practitioner and patient is based on light communication.

Externally applied colored light therapies is the treatment technique that most directly informs the body’s subtle energy systems. Light affects and travels through the body even more readily than nerve impulses, bio-chemicals or electricity. Colored light can influence Root aspects of pain in very specific ways.

Because physiologic and informational therapies each have valuable effects for different levels of pain control, it is best to combine these therapies to get optimal results. This approach has produced great results in treating many patients with recalcitrant pain conditions, often addressing both Root and Branch of their imbalance. 

The reason electrical stimulators work at all is that the human body is an electrical organism. This makes our bodies exquisitely sensitive to external electrical currents. All of our life functions are dependant on or regulated by subtle electrical currents, passed through the nervous system and the fascial connective tissue network of the body. Because the fascia inter-connects every body part, it is the physical substrate for the subtle energy communication systems of the body, the basis for the meridian system described by the ancient Chinese.  Because we are so sensitive to electrical currents, it is vital that appropriate levels and frequencies of current be applied. This is not always possible or convenient with the use of most clinical stimulators today.

There are two levels of electrical stimulation (ES) that are clinically valuable. Milliamps are currents regulated in the thousandth of an amp range, and are what are delivered from devices used in most physical therapy, chiropractic and pain clinic practices. Milliamps are useful for acute pain control, muscle spasm softening, reduction of gross edema and circulatory enhancement.

The other valuable form of ES is microamps, commonly called microcurrent. These currents, which are 1000 times lower in intensity than milliamps, are only offered through specialized stimulators called microcurrent devices. Quality microcurrent devices offer both pad and probe electrodes for application of treatment currents. Pad electrodes are used for generalized stimulation of large joints and body regions, and probes are used for acupuncture, auricular and trigger point stimulation. Because of their gentle nature, generally low frequency applications, and greater precision of probe electrodes, microcurrent therapeutics act in a more harmonious relationship with the body’s innate bio-electricity, and can deliver a form of electro-acupuncture without needles. Microcurrents are appropriate for treatment of acute or chronic pain conditions, neuropathic disorders, energy balancing treatments, and treatment of children, elderly and sensitive patients.

Most patients feel a significant reduction or elimination in their pain immediately after a treatment with the Acutron Mentor.  Call today to see how you might benefit from this treatment.